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Q: What is merchant account?
A: A merchant account is a type of bank account that allows business to accept payments by debit or credit card.
Q: How do I apply for a merchant account?
A: Simply fill out the online form or call us at 1-800-503-6222. Our knowledgeable sales representative will provide you a merchant solution that best fits your needs.
Q: How long does it take to get the application approved?
A: It normally takes about 3-5 business days to process the application. It depends on merchant’s credit, type of business and other information provided.
Q: How much do I pay for my account setup?
A: We do not charge a fee for your account setup. The credit card terminal is a free loaner when you open a merchant account with us. (Wireless terminal may require deposits)
Q: How many days will I receive the money in my bank account?
A: Once you do the settlement, the processing bank will deposit transactions directly into merchant’s checking account, usually within 48 - 72 hours.
Q: What is discount rate?
Discount rate is a percentage of each transaction charges. It is the costs merchant pays processing center for credit card processing services.
Q: What is interchange rate?
Interchange rate is the base rate charged for processing credit card transaction. It is the true costs merchant pay for processing credit card transactions.
Q: How can Alliance Bankcard Services guarantee the lowest rate?
A: We are committed to giving merchants the highest value with the best service. If a competitor offers a lower rate, we will match the rate as long as there is proof that the rate was offered from the competitor.
Q: How do I get the free paper supplies?
A: Paper supplies are free. We will ship credit card terminal thermal paper to any customer who requests for it. If merchants are almost out of paper, they can call us in advance and we can ship it directly to the business location.
Q: What is the office hour for customer service and technical support?
A: Alliance Bankcard Services offers 24/7 multi-lingual customer service and technical support. Call our toll-free number when you have any issue at any time.
Q: What is PCI security standard and why should I comply with it?
A: PCI stands for Payment Card Industry. Every merchant in the United States needs to comply with PCI Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) to keep its customer’s payment card data secure.
Q: What is chargeback?
A: A chargeback is a transaction disputed by its cardholder card issuer. A chargeback occurs usually because of product dissatisfaction, failure delivery or card fraud.
Q: How do I avoid chargeback?
A: There are several ways to avoid chargeback: keep a record of your sales; check customer’s valid id and verify signature; make sure the product is delivered, etc..
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