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Check Services

Next Day Funding Merchant Account and Guarantee Services

Check Guarantee

Alliance Bankcard Services teams with our check guarantee program partner, Global eTelecom, to offer merchants the comprehensive check acceptance solution. It allows merchants to process checks electronically and securely in all types of business environment. Checks are verified automatically against the national negative check writer database. Besides, through the ACH (Automated Cleaning House) network, the funds are automatically deposited to merchant’s bank account within two business days. The program protects merchant from bad checks with guaranteed funding. You not only save the time and trip to the bank to deposit checks, and you also decrease the risk of taking bad checks.

      Merchant Benefits:

  • Increase sales by safely accepting check payment
  • Save the time and trip to bank to deposit check
  • Reduce the risk of getting bad checks
  • Fast and reliable availability of funds

ACH Debit

Alliance Bankcard Services also offers ACH Debit program. It enables merchants to set up authorized debits from a customer’s checking account. You can eliminate banking fees and paper check handling costs. Merchants can choose to schedule debits for a one-time occurrence or for recurring billing.

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